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Quick Slant: Seattle Takes Round 1 in the 2013 Battle for the NFC West

By Kevin York

Photo Credit: (Andy King/AP)

Photo Credit: (Andy King/AP)

Slant: Seahawks trade for Percy Harvin & Ravens trade Anquan Boldin to 49ers


We knew the NFC West was going to be a slugfest this year between San Francisco and Seattle. In the last week both teams made moves to upgrade their receiving corps with Seattle trading for Vikings receiver Percy Harvin and then San Francisco quickly countering by trading for Baltimore receiver Anquan Boldin. I actually like both moves, but the Seahawks made the much stronger play.

Percy Harvin is not just a receiver, he’s an offense. He can line up in the slot, at running back, at the wing, even at tight end. Don’t forget he can also return punts and kicks. Oh yeah, and he’s only 24. Anquan Boldin is a solid receiver, but at 32, provides diminishing returns at this stage of his career. Don’t get me wrong, he’s certainly a step up over Randy “I’m the greatest wide receiver ever” Moss, but I question just how much impact he’ll have on this Niners team. He’s not a blazing deep threat (which they could use) and he’s not that Wes Welker-type slot guy (which they also could use). He reminds me of an older, slower Michael Crabtree.

I don’t want to get too deep into what each team gave up to get Harvin and Boldin, but I think the deals were fair. In this year’s draft, at the position they’re picking, I don’t see the Seahawks getting anything near the ability or impact of Percy Harvin in the first round. It was a deal worth making. And for San Francisco, a sixth round pick for Boldin? He’s worth more than that. Good value for them. Too often when ‘experts’ analyze deals like this they get too caught up on potential, especially for teams giving away draft picks. Look at the reality. The now. The 2013 draft is weak unless you need an offensive or defensive lineman or a linebacker.

In Harvin, the Seahawks now have a bona fide number one receiver to pair with a number of other offensive weapons – stud running back Marshawn Lynch, developing quarterback Russell Wilson, underrated receivers Golden Tate and Sydney Rice, and tight end Zach Miller. Combine that with what’s possibly the best defense in football (yes, better than San Francisco whose secondary let in down a lot toward the end of the season) and I have to say, they have a leg up on the Niners at this point. The battle for the NFC West will be fun to watch this year. Your move, San Francisco…

By Kevin York
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More on the Warriors T-Shirt Jerseys

Warriors t-shirt jersey

We don’t feel self-conscious at all. source:

A few weeks ago Kevin let us know his feelings on the Golden State Warriors new t-shirt jerseys. I don’t know if it was just me but I sensed he wasn’t 100% on board with the change. I was ready to play devil’s advocate and give the shirts a chance. They were jarring at first but we can’t let our emotions or resistance to change stifle scientific progress and advancement of the sport. The league would still be dominated by white men in short-shorts if hadn’t been allowed to evolve. I had my rebuttal all worked out. And then I saw the game.

First Impressions

It was a little weird. I’m not going to lie to you. I respect you too much to do that. Even if it means agreeing with Kevin on that note. I don’t think the shirts quite match the pinstriped shorts. It reminds me of the guy in the gym that works out in his street clothes. They also did not start off with the increased explosive power that Rahul tells me his Under Armour t-shirt gives him when he’s skiing. However, where it really counts, the last few minutes of the 4th and in OT, is when the shirts came into play.

But before that I must fully disclose: I was out drinking meeting with our EIC/co-founders Kevin and Rahul and recorded the Spurs game. My DVR cut out at the end of regulation despite me adding 30min on. So the following in depth professional NBA analysis is based off of my cell phone updates while I was eating at Urban Curry. The Warriors had just gotten an energy surge to make a few crucial 3 pointers and free-throws to keep the game going. Their second wind had kicked in and they were ready to give everything they had to go out on top.

What I think Happened

(I imagine) the Spurs were slowing down and  drenched in sweat. Their muscles depleted of electolyte replenishing sports drinks. They had only brought enough for a regulation game. Hindsight is 20/20 as they say. Their muscles started to cramp and their shoulders grew sore and cold as the game went on. The Warriors, though tired, were still dry and warm thanks to moisture-wick™ technology. They surged and played loops around the Spurs like they were the Washington Generals. That’s probably what happened. I waited to see another game to see if my hypothesis held.

Second Impressions. Lets see Those Jersey’s in Action Again

The match-up against the Rockets was for the most part the same. Neither team demonstrated any explosive dominance though David Lee did play pretty well despite his knee injury. I can’t say the jersey had any impact on that. I was hoping to see a 2nd wind in the 4th and for a second it seemed like it was coming. But the momentum really slowed down and Rockets regained their lead and the game fizzled out.

Performance Enhancing? 

Get it? They look a little bit like Lance Armstrong’s Jerseys. Okay, back to my hard hitting analysis.


Goodell: There's money to be made with sleeveless QBs.

Goodell: There’s money to be made with sleeveless QBs.

ADIDAS knows how to make performance gear. I don’t think there’s a mobility or functionality issue but their color palette pattern designers leave a lot to be desired (see below). Sleeves aren’t restricting quarterbacks from launching the pigskin. Which, further-more, also, as well, leads me to the conclusion that Kevin just wishes to see NFL quarterbacks play sleeveless (see above). I cannot see that being a negative if it brings in more female (or male, I mean whatever, lets see all of Kaepernick’s tattoos) viewers.

Is this a Marketing Fad or the Future?

It just looks a little too weird right now to catch on. I can see different teams putting their touches on it. Maybe Oregon will have 200 different versions. We can call it a soft-launch. Loyal fans may pick up a few but Improvements must be made quickly or this will go the way of Crystal Pepsi. The true test is if Jay-Z decides he wants to get on board and launch a version for the Nets. That man has style and knows how to sell water to a guy-or-girl-who-already-has-water. Maybe they’ll up the ante and reveal a black-tie pin-stripe Athletic Performance Tuxedo™ that he and Timberlake can sport at their concerts.

Update: Kevin sent me this NCAA t-shirt press image. I don’t even know what to say…

New NCAA  T-shirt Jerseys

What the? –

Also Bonus Sleeveless Rodgers.


I had too much fun making Sleeveless Rodgers


By Hoa Nguyen. Whose knowledge of sports is mostly informed by video games.
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2013 Big XII Quarterback Rankings

By: Jeff Seiler

The Big XII has been a hot bed of quality starting quarterbacks for years now. The open, high-powered offenses have led to prolific quarterback play, All-Americans, Heisman winners, and first-round draft picks. Kliff Kingsbury, BJ Symons, Graham Harrell, Sam Bradford, and Landry Jones have all won the Sammy Baugh Trophy, awarded to the nation’s best passer. Michael Bishop, Eric Crouch, Jason White (twice), Vince Young, Bradford, Colt McCoy, and Robert Griffin III have all won the Davey O’Brien award as a top Quarterback. Crouch, White, Bradford, and Griffin also all won the Heisman. Finally, Young, Josh Freeman, Bradford, Blaine Gabbert, Ryan Tannehill, and Brandon Weeden were all first-round draft picks in the last 10 years. This year’s draft should see Geno Smith, Collin Klein, and Landry Jones all drafted high. Quarterbacks have ruled this league and led their respective teams to BCS games and National Championships.

But 2013 could be a different year for the Big XII starting quarterbacks. Many quarterbacks are beginning the season as their first time starting, and the experienced guys aren’t exactly a who’s who list of big time names. Texas Tech’s Seth Doege, Baylor’s Nick Florence, Iowa State’s Steele Jantz, and Kansas’ Dayne Crist join Landry, Klein, and Smith as alumni of their respective school’s now. Texas QB David Ash is the most experienced starter and he’s split time the last two years with Case McCoy. Oklahoma State ran a three quarterback rotation much of last year and TCU will have to decide between recovering QB Casey Paschall and last’s year’s starter Trevone Boykin. Paschall should be back as a member of the football program after entering drug rehab this fall.

Here is how I would rank Big XII quarterback’s based on how I think they will perform in 2013:

  1. Oklahoma State: Wes Lunt/JW Walsh/Clint Shelf – All have experience, each having thrown for more than 1,000 yards and starting three or more games in 2012. Mike Gundy’s offense suggests that it doesn’t matter who is back there, they are going to pile up big stats. Shelf has the most experience, Walsh is higher rated, and Lunt was named the starter going into last season. Look for Lunt to reclaim the position, but be on a short leash.
  2. Oklahoma: Blake Bell – The 6’5” 250lb junior-to-be saw lots of action last season, although it was in the role of “Belldozer,” ala Tim Tebow circa 2006. He’ll take over the reins and try to duplicate Tebow’s starting success. Bell has 24 rushing touchdowns in two seasons, but in 2013 we’ll see if he throw the ball, too. He was listed as one of the top pro style QB’s coming out of high school.
  3. Baylor: Bryce Petty – Petty saw spot duty under Florence last year. Coach Art Briles is betting on Petty to break records just like his predecessors, Griffin III and Florence.
  4. TCU: Casey Paschall/Trevone Boykin – This will be one of the big storylines to watch this summer. Both players have experience and success. Look for Paschall to complete his comeback and lead this team to a possible conference championship.
  5. Texas Tech: Michael Brewer – Brewer came out of Austin Lake Travis HS where he posted big numbers and beat Johnny Manziel twice. He has similar style, rankings, and stats as Manziel did. He not only has the Tech pedigree passing arm, but also adds the dimension of being able to take off and run with it.
  6. Texas: David Ash – Mack Brown has stated that he is the clear-cut starter, stop me if you’ve heard that one before. He was hit and miss in 2012, but a strong showing in the bowl game could help relieve tension in Austin.
  7. Kansas: Jake Heaps – Highly recruited player, sat out last season after transferring from BYU where he started for a season and a half.
  8. West Virginia: Paul Milliard – The junior out of Dallas should be the starter opening weekend. He’s seen spot duty behind the aforementioned Geno Smith the past two seasons.
  9. Iowa State: Sam Richardson – Jared Barnett is transferring, which opens the way for Richardson, who started the last three games of 2012.
  10. Kansas State: Daniel Sams – An athletic QB who sat behind Heisman finalist Klein last year, completing six passes, but should provide the athleticism we’ve seen from KState QBs in the past.

Say it Ain’t So, Rory

By Kevin York

Photo Credit: (Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

Photo Credit: (Andrew Redington/Getty Images)

I’m a Rory McIlroy fan. He’s not my absolute favorite golfer, and I actually like his fellow countryman Graeme McDowell better, but I like Rory and respect what he’s doing for golf. A young, good, potentially dominant golfer with his head screwed on straight. The game means something to him and winning a tournament is still an emotional event for him. I thought he would be the answer to what Tiger Woods has given us the last ten years (ok, more like the ten years previous to the last two, when he’s been a shell of his former self) – cold, robotic dominance from a man that appears to have no emotions other than anger or self pity.

This morning that all may have changed. As ESPN reported, McIlroy walked off the course in the middle of his second round at the Honda Classic in Palm Beach Gardens in Florida.

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