New Roster Acquisitions – Part 3

By Kevin York

You may have just read that title and thought, “Wait a minute…didn’t they just write a post like this a week ago?” The answer to that question is yes. We wrote New Roster Acquisitions – Part 2 10 days ago, to be exact, when we added Matt and Alton to our staff. This is part 3 of our new roster acquisitions. Our readership is actually growing kind of quickly (yes, we’re as shocked as you are). It’s crazy – the more frequently that we publish, the more readers we get. Who would’ve thunk it?! (That was dripping with heavy sarcasm in case you couldn’t sense it. Both Ryan and I are social media consultants and give that very advice to our clients everyday.)

Since our readership is growing, we thought our staff should grow too. We can’t let all of you down. We have expectations we need to meet now. So to support the cause, we’ve decided to throw money around like Michael Jordan shopping for 90s jeans and oversized blazers. Like Ric Flair stylin’ and profilin.’ Like Donald Trump in a bad toupe store. Like the fat, old, bald guy in a strip club. We realized we’ll have to drop some serious cash to get the consistency in writing that we need. Dropping cash like Wes Welker drops passes in big games. Or like Antonio Cromartie drops on child support. You get the point. We knew we’d need to to shell out some more money to bring on a couple more writers to help with producing more content (yes, I absolutely used the word ‘more’ three times in that sentence – I’m stressing the importance of more, here). Anyway, all that would be true if we actually paid our writers…which we don’t. So all I’m really saying is we’re adding another writer.

Jonathan Murray – Jonathan is a Bay Area guy, residing in San Jose with his wife and newborn daughter. Yes, we added yet another person with Bay Area perspective after saying we wanted to broaden what our writers bring to the table. But wait! He’s different than the rest of us. See, Jonathan will be focusing on golf, and no, not the way Rahulfocuses” on golf by obsessing over what Rickie Fowler wears, but really talking about golf and giving his insight and perspective. So he will be helping us to broaden. Of course, that’s not to say he won’t ever write about other subjects at times, he’s also a big San Francisco Giants and 49ers fan, but he’ll predominantly write about the gentleman’s game.

Welcome to the team, Jonathan!

By Kevin York
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