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The NHL is Back (That Means Hockey Hair)

By Kevin York

The NHL is returning. Some people are rejoicing, others are still mad about the lockout and insist they won’t watch in protest (to them I say, you should’ve written a letter to Gary Bettman to speed up negotiations. After all, it worked for me), and then there’s a group that just doesn’t care and may have no idea that we’ve missed over half of the NHL season. Whichever group you fall under, I think you’ll enjoy something we found and had to share.

A friend showed this to me and I loved it. Partially because it’s hilarious and partially because, as I mentioned in a post earlier this week, I have a fondness for athletes with long hair. Yes, that’s weird, but not quite as weird as the fondness fellow Couchlete Rahul Chhabria has for my hair.

Former professional player Jeff Serowik and his team at Pro Ambitions Hockey, Inc. put this little video together. Why? I have no idea. Ryan thinks it’s just bizarre. Doesn’t really make me want to go to hockey camp. It does make me want to grow out my salad though (you’ll get that reference after watching the video). And dance. On ice skates. See what you think.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GftSKyLDAM8&w=560&h=315]

By Kevin York
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Rivalry Week

This week, The Couchletes will be focusing on rivalries in sports. Baseball, football, basketball, hockey, college sports. We’ll cover them all. Why did we choose this week and not align with one of ESPN’s rivalry weeks during college football season. Well, we’re not ESPN for one. And two, it’s a fairly slow week in sports. Wimbledon and MLB’s All Star game, that’s about it. So why not create some sports discussions of our own?

To start the week off, we want to hear from you. What do you think are the best rivalries in sports? Head over to our Facebook page and vote on the polls we’ve posted over there about the best rivalries in sports. Then throughout the week, we’ll publish some of our thoughts here about sports rivalries.