New Roster Acquisitions

Writing a blog is harder than you’d think. Not so much having ideas or opinions for posts, but actually typing out your ideas. It’s hard to fit the time in to write among everything else going in every day life – full time jobs, family activities, social activities and other commitments. Rahul and I have come to realize this first hand.

All that said, we’re in this. It’s something we want to be doing. We love sports and we love talking about sports. We enjoy the banter we have on our Facebook page with our followers and among our followers.

If we’re going to do this, we want to do the best job we can with this blog. Good writing, good perspective and consistency. The consistency is the hard part.

So how do we make sure we continue to make this a better blog? How do we make sure we meet that consistency of posting that can get difficult? We add more Couchletes. Today we’re announcing that we’re adding three more writers to the team.

Hoa Nguyen – Hoa lives in San Francisco. He’ll willingly admit that he’s no sports expert, pointing to his first round selection of Peyton Manning in his fantasy draft this year as proof, but don’t let his humbleness fool you. He knows sports much better than he admits. Hoa will be adding a comedic element to The Couchletes that we don’t really have right now. While Rahul and I may think we’re funny, our wit doesn’t come close to matching Hoa’s. He has some pretty cool stuff planned that we’re really looking forward to.

Mark Gaspar – Mark lives in Chicago, but was born and raised in Minnesota. Yes, he’s a fan of all the Minnesota teams – the Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves, Wild and even the Minnesota Golden Gophers – so sports have been a bit difficult for him lately. Actually, for quite a while. But he’s optimistic. If this isn’t his team’s year, maybe 2018 will be? Mark will be able to provide perspective as that fan whose team is not even close to being in contention. Now that I’ve ripped on his teams enough, in all seriousness, Mark loves the NBA and the NFL and will bring some good opinions.

Ryan Lack – Ryan lives in Livermore, California. The far east bay of the San Francisco Bay area. He grew up a fan of the San Francisco 49ers, Oakland A’s and Golden State Warriors. Ryan spent some of his college years at Texas Tech watching his school get beat up by the powerhouse Big 12 teams. He’s still loyal to his Red Raiders though and is quick to inform you that Wes Welker was also a Red Raider. Ryan follows all sports pretty closely and I’m sure will have some interesting things to talk about.

We’re excited to welcome these three new Couchletes. You’ll be hearing more from them in the very near future and their bios will soon appear on the About our Team page so you can learn more about them.

Welcome to the team, guys!